100% Organic Raw Honey

...you'll get addicted to.

Our Process

Why Kilo...

  • 100% Organic Raw Honey

    Our honey bees pollinate wild white clovers and produce one of the few 100% organic iced white honeys. It is completely pure, raw, and direct from the hive. The clovers surrounding the hives are completely wild and free of pesticides; which makes it that much more exceptional and easy to love!

  • Our Icing Technique

    Immediately upon collection, our honey is stored in medical grade stainless steel tanks to settle. Honey is then frozen, but never heated or pasteurized to ensure integrity of probiotic & nutritional superpowers.

  • Sealed At The Source

    Extraction is on a “made to order” basis; we let our honey thaw naturally via proprietary methods. Once Kilo honey is viscous enough to flow, it is swiftly packed in our recyclable units.

Our Quest For The Best...